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Bones are slightly porous, but some people’s bones get weaker with age. Osteoporosis occurs when bones lose so much of their natural density that they become weak and brittle.

Osteoporosis can happen at any age, but it typically occurs after the age of 50. The risk of this condition increases if you are:

  • Female
  • Small in stature
  • A smoker
  • A heavy drinker
  • Physically inactive

Bones tend to become weaker with age because your body breaks down bone faster than it can regenerate it. If your bones become too weak, they are more susceptible to breaking.

Other symptoms of osteoporosis include:

  • Back pain
  • A curve in the spine
  • A loss in height

Medications and staying active may slow down or prevent decreased bone density. Lifestyle changes such as eating a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D may also help. Talk to your doctor about creating a plan for your bone health.

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